Serving and Caring for our Senior Citizens

We encourage, enable and empower Australia's senior citizens to remain independent and positive about their ageing.

Happy Seniors

Person Centred Care

We will provide person centred care using a holistic approach to identify and address the specific care needs of the individual.


Optimal health


Physical, spiritual and emotional comfort


A life of full potential

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision through the establishment of a rural residential aged care village that:

Provides physical, spiritual and emotional comfort for the individual and their family

Ensures optimal levels of health

Ensures each individual feels they add value to the community

Encourages independence and empowers each individual to live to their full potential


Our Philosophy

We believe our senior citizens are the foundation of this country and they have contributed significantly in their lifetime to make Australia a prosperous, stable and enjoyable society.

Thus, we will work to foster in our Rural Residential Aged Care Village a sense of respect, purpose and self-worth, enabling seniors to feel they are valued and integrated members of society.

Every resident has the right to be treated equally, valued, free from abuse and neglect, and have their human rights recognised, respected and endorsed.

We endeavour to build a community that is challenging, productive, active and creative which promotes for our residents a sense of self-sufficiency and self-satisfaction.

A Meaningful Life

Our professional team work together with residents and family members to develop an individual care plan.

Residents can expect to participate in their choice of indoor and outdoor activities - craft workshops, music, gardening or animal husbandry to name a few.

They will be free to shop, socialise, walk or cycle around the village with assistance for those that require.

Offsite activities can be arranged as desired.


A Real Home

Our village will be the last move our residents ever need to make.

From independent living through to high dependency, residents will live in a home environment resembling the surroundings typical of everyday life.

Empowered Staff

All employed staff will first have a compassion for seniors which aligns with our vision.

We will require our staff to undergo specialised training in Aged Care compliant with the Aged Care Act 1997 and more specifically to the model of care offered at our residence.

The staff allocated will be appropriate to the needs of each individual.