Who can benefit from the services of You Are Important Australia Ltd?

You Are Important Australia Ltd was established to provide care for those suffering from the disabilities related to age and/or dementia regardless of the severity or physical and mental impact of those processes on the individual. This care will be open to all regardless of sex, religion or economic status.

How does You Are Important Australia Ltd intend to choose who will receive help?

Each individual who approaches us for care will have a needs-based assessment performed which will be reviewed to ensure our ability to provide or source the required care for that individual prior to their acceptance into the facility.

How will this facility and the services offered, differ to other Aged Care Providers?

You Are Important Australia Ltd is a non-profit company with a primary focus on delivery of the highest possible standard of patient care. We offer a unique client-centred model of care with a specialised program of training for all staff and ensure quality care through higher staff-patient ratios. The facility will be a uniquely designed self-contained village – a hub for recreation and social activity indoors and outdoors, recognising the need for individuals to choose their lifestyle and maintain independence as far as medically practicable.

What care will be provided?

At each stage of development, the facility will progress in the types of care offered. These will include Day and Night Respite, Palliative Care and High Dependency Care.

How will you approach Palliative Care?

Care will be provided by a team of health professionals who assess the needs of each individual. We aim to ensure the client remains comfortable and maintains a good quality of life as well as provide support to the family both in the final stages of illness and in bereavement.

Will the facility cater for Dementia patients?

Yes. The facility will cater for all types and stages of dementia. In addition, we intend to address the need for care of younger onset dementia – those diagnosed with dementia under the age of 55.

I am a carer. What support can you offer me?

At completion of Stage 1, the facility will offer a respite care service: temporary care ranging from a few hours to a few weeks to relieve the regular caregiver of ongoing carer responsibilities. We will also offer in-home care services.

Is the facility aimed at residents in a particular locality?

The facility is aimed to meet the needs of residents in the Greater Darwin Rural Area but we welcome contact from any individual or family outside this region wanting to discuss their Aged Care needs.

Does You Are Important Australia Ltd intend to work with other entities to achieve its purpose?

We intend to be inclusive in our care delivery and will work in close relationship with social and personal care providers in the community. These will include the local GP clinics, dental clinics, physiotherapists, hair dressers, churches, social clubs, and other activity providers.

Our relationship with these professionals and organisations is to see the highest possible level of physical, mental and emotional health and normalcy for all of our clients and participation in the community in which we operate.

How will the client afford this care?

As You Are Important Australia Ltd is a not for profit Company, our plan is to ensure the facility is in the financial reach of all sectors of society.