You Are Important Australia Ltd ENVISAGES a Rural Residential Aged Care Village.

When fully operational, You Are Important Australia Ltd will offer home care, flexible respite, personal care, therapy services, transition care, individual social support and specialised support services, goods, equipment and assistive technology and a range of day care activities.

Stage 1

– Day and Night Respite Centre

Our first service offered will be respite care focusing on the wider rural areas. On site there will be a day and night respite centre. This will provide much needed respite for caregivers and their loved ones.

Stage 2

– Independent Living Village for Seniors and Retirees

This stage involves the construction of cottage style villas uniquely designed to provide independent living in a relaxed outback setting. Residents will have access to medical staff as needed and all social and recreation activities as they are developed on site.

Stage 3

– Special Needs facility for all Dementia, High Care and Palliative Care

– Community and Recreation Centre, Education and Research Facility

Constructed to enable the highest degree of independence for special needs, the facility will be in close proximity to the social and recreational hub. This will allow our Seniors to remain physically, mentally and emotionally active, whilst maintaining high levels of covert supervision without invading any more personal space and freedom than is necessary to ensure client health and safety.

With a range of activities and social engagement opportunities, the Community and Recreation Centre will create a positive ageing experience for all clients on site, as well as the wider community who will be given access on discretion. Education programs will be offered on site for staff, volunteers, carers and families in conjunction with continued research for improved outcomes in Aged Care.